Welcome to the first episode of the Brain Dead Podcast with Larry and TJ!  We talk about brain dead things we do, brainy things we’ve discovered, our ongoing search for food that is good for us that actually tastes good, and, well, pretty much anything our brains come up with.  Or, up with which our brains come, if you are a grammar-nista


Aaaaand, we’re back!  Yeah, it’s three months later, but who’s counting?  We take a look back at Christmas and New Year, and talk about Larry moving in with TJ.  Are we living in sin?  You’ll have to listen to find out!


Weird Green People With Huge Baby-Faces and Long Arms, and They Wear Human Skins Occasionally But When They Do They Fart . . . It’s Hideous!

Today we announced that our podcast was LIVE! and then we felt like we had to talk about it, only we mostly talked about how we are watching The Kingsman Dr. Who Sarah Jane Chronicles Wizards vs Aliens Game of Thrones Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt The Unbroken Oculus Chappie (The District Nine version of Short Circuit) Community Tron 3.  Yes, the way we talk about it, it’s all one show.  TJ is rehearsing Spamalot and is experiencing job satisfaction at work, and Larry is being schmoozed by his former (straight) roommate.



We Didn’t See Scary Hookers Here in Nowhere, Although I’m Sure We Have Them . . .

We saw “It Follows” and the Detroit settings creeped us out.  Larry’s been binging on “Daredevil,” we contemplate life with a Bluetooth enabled toothbrush, why you need a hydro generator to go hiking, facial tattoos, and how easily we can get sidetracked by the mention of ice cream.  Laundry detergent will make stalactites given enough time, we want to see lots of new movies, we miss old video games, and TJ is still rehearsing the same show.  Also, WE GOT VOICEMAILS!!!!

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Our Deadest Podcast So Far.

We saw “What We Do In The Shadows” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and TJ threw up during one of these movies.  Then a week later Larry threw up.