is a collective of GLBT friendly podcasts that provides a broadcast hub for live over the internet broadcasts featuring a live chartroom for show interaction. Advocating that everyone needs to have a voice.

Hosts Daniel and Adam (the originators of host their own show covering news topics, The celebrity birthday guessing game.  Celebrity Death Phone calls, a tech segment and the occasional screaming goat.

(Many jokes are in reference to other Podcasts produced in association with )

Christina and Nicole are two friends who catch up on small town coolness and quirks.


Christian and Faryl chat about their experiences, with occasional guests that catch up with their goings on.

Mark and Ed, (that makes it "ME") profess their love of all things nerdy, preside over a Squareopolus of listeners, and run all kinds of contests and events.

"GET CLOSER TO THE FUCKING MICROPHONE WENDY!" Joey Bucheker leads a cast of characters in GLBT new, pop culture, and comedy. Featuring theater talk and so much shade you would think there was an permanent eclipse in Buffalo New York!

Captain Scott and Cindy pontificate on local theater and their parts in it. Try the weekly Mystery Musical contest, get updates on the San Jose Sharks, and relive their favorite TV shows and movies!

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